Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sponsor Highlight - Christi Lynn & Maria

So - my first August sponsor highlights go to these 2 awesome chicas - both won give-away ad space, and I have to say I'm pretty stoked to have to them around!

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What do you blog about or sell. Why do you blog, what's your shop about, etc.

I blog over at I blog for fun! What better reason is there? I also love to craft and crochet so my shop is filled with original crafts done my yours truly. 

Favorite crafting/ blogging moment.
I just started making these bracelets and earrings for my shop and I have absolutely loved making them. (I made the turkey feather earrings in my picture) I use all my free time to work on them :)

Favorite TV show, movie, band/genre. 
My favorite tv show right now is Pretty Little Liars...I'm's bad! My most recent favorite movie is Planet of the Apes...I really liked it for some reason. And my favorite genre is Indie...if you ever walk into my room you will always here Ingrid playing.

Favorite comfort food, soda and ice-cream flavor.
My comfort soon is sweet pork from Costa Vida. My soda of choice is Root Beer and my favorite ice cream is phish food by ben and jerrys :)

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What do you blog about or sell. Why do you blog, what's your shop about, etc.
i blog about vegetarian and vegan recipes mostly-- everyone once in a while you might see a random pic of my son, lol.  i am one of those people who just throw things together in a kitchen without measuring, and i have learned there are others out there like me who hate exact measurements!  im also lazy with punctuation-- i think hours and hours of incident reports at my old job made me swear it off.

Favorite crafting/ blogging moment.
i love when someone says they wanna try something i posted!

Favorite TV show, movie, band/genre. 
ooh uh.
bands... sleater-kinney, i have dreams, saetia, journey, the descendents, the four tops-- im kinda all over the place.
movies... trading places, oldboy, battle royale, the house of yes, monster squad, the toxic avenger, the city of lost children, valley girl, tromeo and juliet... there are just too many to name
tv shoes... dexter, lost girl, christina cooks

Favorite comfort food, soda and ice-cream flavor.
comfort food? vegan lasagne
soda-- ginger ale
ice cream flavor.. any flavor by so delicious purely decadent

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