Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Buzzed Blogging is... Drunk Blogging

Let's be real ... most of us have those moments when it's been awhile since we've had something to drink - in my case, since I work at night and then come home and do things in the studio or go to bed - I just forget to drink... but alas, tonight after class I decided I'd have some pizza and wine... needless to say my 2 small pieces turned into 4 sometime between 1/2 a glass and the whole glass... mind you, I was using a water glass that was full of 1/2 the bottle of wine...

That's pretty much how my Monday went in a nutshell.  I helped a friend study this morning... I cleaned... went to class... have clean sheets and am happily not feeling my toes as I write this un-necessary post about nothing.

But just so you really know how exciting my life is... I am blogging from my bed, while texting my mother about how I need to put the 2nd coat on the cabinets while she is gone tomorrow - thrilling, I know!

Also... you still have time to sign up for the Saturday Challenge - you should!  I'm going to try posting the questions for this week's on Wednesday so that you can link up on Saturday - thoughts?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Saturday Challenge 2/22

Welcome to the "Saturday Challenge", the purpose is to get you to do something for someone else, for yourself and for the bloggers you've come to know along your journey.

Every week the the challenge will begin with "Today I Challenge You To..." or "This Week I Challenge You To..."

Paste the Code below into your post to link back to the challenge.
Today I Challenge You To...

1. Say something nice about 2 different people that you've met through blogging, shop ownership, etc..

2. Do something nice for a complete stranger.

3. Say something good about yourself.

4. Be thankful for something.

5. Treat yourself to something - a bubble bath, a coffee without distractions, something - just take time out for you.

6. What was the highlight of your week, share it with us!

Challenge Accepted...
1. Say something nice about 2 different people that you've met through blogging, shop ownership, etc..
Brin over at BoldButterBaby has been amazing!  She started following me about a month ago on Instagram - and she's a total doll!  The woman doesn't know me from Adam, yet she has been so supportive of all my new shop endeavors over the past few weeks that I know I would be honored to be her friend in the real world!

SheyB over at Shey B is so honest and loving that I just can't stand it.  I love a woman who isn't afraid to state her mind, and this one does.  Also, she has an amazing family and recently got some unnecessary flack for sharing her happiness with people that CHOSE to follow her - so all I have to say is keep at it woman! 

2. Do something nice for a complete stranger.
I bought the drink for the couple behind me at Starbucks, they were in a nice fancy car and could clearly afford it- but honestly how often do people who have money get nice things done for them? 

3. Say something good about yourself.
I feel that I am a genuine person.  I am honest with people and I do anything I can to help when someone needs it. 

4. Be thankful for something.

I am thankful for my creativity.  I don't know where I would be if I didn't have this outlet, probably locked in a psych-ward.  But seriously, the shop is really starting to take off and I could not be more grateful about that!

5. Treat yourself to something - a bubble bath, a coffee without distractions, something - just take time out for you.

Okay, so I definitely went to the chiropractor {which I've been putting off} after a snowboard fall 2 weeks ago... and it was AMAZING!  I felt better almost instantly - which I guess happens when you've rotated several vertebrae out of alignment and then they get put back... nice!

6. What was the highlight of your week, share it with us!
My best friend since like age 2... yes, we've been together for like 23 years... is having a baby and I got to drive down to see her for her gender reveal... first time we've seen each other in 2 years (we talk on the phone since we haven't lived in the same city since age 9)... and it was sooo amazing.  Also, she's having a girl - so I am stoked!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Want to meet someone awesome?!

Hello Lovelies!

Okay if y'all want to meet someone who is amazing, a person with whom I have had a fantastic blogging relationship with (even though she's a vegan, and I love myself some chicken nuggets...) - no but for serious, you should go over and see all of the awesome recipes that Miss Maria has to share over on her blog exact measurements are for pussies.

Anywhoo. This woman is awesome... she hasn't been blogging for a long time, but has most definitely created a pretty awesome following... so I think you should go check it out - see what she has to say.

What you will find: all kinds of great recipes, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and kid-friendly options are all there - also, a blogger who cares about her readers and wants them to be involved!

Also, she's doing an Artsy Anthropology give-away over on her blog!!!  So that should be checked out immediately!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Single on Valentine's Day?

Does being single on Valentine's Day automatically make you hate the world?  No.  No it does not... it simply makes you amazingly happy for the friends you have that are happy and celebrating the day with their loves, and it makes you happy... because you know that tonight you will have some wine, and tomorrow - oh tomorrow, all the candy will be on sale.

So... I hope that all of you that have someone in your life - celebrate, whether it's a  night at home with some Mac-n-Cheese or a fancy dinner out... be happy - also, be aware that a lot of babies tend to be born in late November, early December because of your decisions (Jk, go make babies - yep, just said it, someone has to).

For those of you that see tomorrow as "single awareness day" - remember to be happy for those people who are happy, don't spite, it makes you darker inside - be hopeful for the day that you will be sharing a box of Kraft and a glass of wine with your special someone... because the only reason you're alone now is so that you can appreciate your perfect later.

"Even though you're all pretty skinny, I know you all have fat hearts" (-Fat Amy)

"I love you awesome nerds" (Pitch Perfect)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Home...

Because for some reason we are all secretly dying to see what everyone else's home looks like... here's a peek into mine!

So... I currently live in a "studio" of sorts... it's the large upstairs rec-room at my dad's house - yes, I am 25 and live at home... that's what getting a Master's Degree in an obscure field will get you...

This is where some of my clothes live... since there is no closest (or notice the curtain, no door - yet)... all my hanging things live in the guest bedroom.


 This is my adorable bedroom side!  I love it... for a lot of reasons, 2 of which are my World Market lamps... the others, the pillow, the comforter... etc.

(Notice, this is where some of my scarves live)

 This is where I watch TV... which I don't do as much of here now, since I re-arranged the studio and am no longer facing the TV... oh the sacrifices we make!

This chair, probably best Craigslist purchase ever, it was $15 and is amazing! 

And... the Studio (inside the studio... yes) 

Magnetic strip, best idea... EVER!

This is where my fabric, and completed projects live... isn't it super fun?!

And that lovelies, is my space! 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Giant Shop Update & Sale

Hello lovelies!

    Hope you're all doing well!  I have been a busy little bee lately!  I don't know if you've stopped by the Facebook page lately, but all kinds of fun things are happening over there!

Also, there's a pretty neat little sale (2/5-2/6) happening at the Shop right now - where all purchases over $30 get a free 5ft Mini-Bunting when you mention it in the "Message to Seller"

And what might you spend that $30 on?  Perhaps a new clutch?

Happy Shopping ;)  *All prices include shipping


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