Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Single on Valentine's Day?

Does being single on Valentine's Day automatically make you hate the world?  No.  No it does not... it simply makes you amazingly happy for the friends you have that are happy and celebrating the day with their loves, and it makes you happy... because you know that tonight you will have some wine, and tomorrow - oh tomorrow, all the candy will be on sale.

So... I hope that all of you that have someone in your life - celebrate, whether it's a  night at home with some Mac-n-Cheese or a fancy dinner out... be happy - also, be aware that a lot of babies tend to be born in late November, early December because of your decisions (Jk, go make babies - yep, just said it, someone has to).

For those of you that see tomorrow as "single awareness day" - remember to be happy for those people who are happy, don't spite, it makes you darker inside - be hopeful for the day that you will be sharing a box of Kraft and a glass of wine with your special someone... because the only reason you're alone now is so that you can appreciate your perfect later.

"Even though you're all pretty skinny, I know you all have fat hearts" (-Fat Amy)

"I love you awesome nerds" (Pitch Perfect)


  1. What an amazing day to look at V-day. Personally a love it whether I'm single or with someone. This year I'm single and that's fine :)

  2. Best V day post out there! And I even thought that before the Fat Amy quotes. ;) Have a lovely Valentine's Day Paige!

    1. Thank you lovely! Happy V-Day to you too my Snuggly Duckling ;)



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