Saturday, March 24, 2012

I missed Friday!

life rearranged
Wow, it's been such a busy week that I completely forgot about Friday! That's quite amazing... oops. Well, here is my "week in a nut-shell"... it was pretty fantastic.

1. St. Patty's day swag from work...
2. Then cutting out all kinds of wristlets
3. First one finished
4. Replaced my wiper blades (good thing)... and my headlights

5 & 6... it rained really hard all day
7. Too much work makes my apartment look like a crazy person lives here
8. And if it's not the shins... its my knees
10. Poached eggs
11. Amazing weather
12. 5 finished wristlets

And that my friends is my week... hope it wasn't too boring ;)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

3 Day Give Away

Okay all! So here's the deal... this is an awesome, small little give away that I am doing - it will last 3 days! Yep, that's right! It will be over on Saturday at 6:00CT. (7:00pm East Coast, 4:00pm West Coast).

Let's meet the lovely, generous ladies of this give-away... then you get to see what you can win!

Me! I am giving away something new! Hasn't even hit the shop yet, how awesome is that?!
Yep, well if you don't know me yet, and just plugged in "give-away" in Google to win free things, SHAME ON YOU! The point of these isn't to walk away with swag for nothing - it's to get to know people and to learn about them - that's why we ask that you follow their blog, or find them on twitter... it's so you can broaden your horizons!

Jennifer from Jenni Austria Germany

When I first moved to Europe, I started this blog to keep my parents up to date on all of my trips across Austria, Germany and beyond.  Since then, it's turned into a collection of travel stories, cultural observations and just plain randomness. ;) 

KC from Bits and Pieces & (Etsy)
KC... oh she is my blog friend for sure! Always Tweeting me nice things, she is such a sweetheart and an awesome support system. She just recently started her own Etsy shop and it's getting pretty wild up in there, you should go check it out!
(From KC) I am a Caribbean girl enjoying life in the Midwest.  I started my blog as a way to get writing done, and eventually it turned into a wonderful place to meet others and to read the writing of others.  Blogging also became a form of relaxation and therapy for me.  For a couple months in last year, I thought about doing something for myself, and I was encouraged to open an Etsy shop.  I finally got it going in January 2012 and very much enjoy making my crafts to share with others 

Coupon code for 10% off is: Springtime10  (expires April 15th 2012) 

My name is Karen Wade,  I started Hot Mess Momma last Fall, and I have been having so much fun ever since.  Alot of the products I make are inspired by my family and friends.  My mother is the person that taught me how to crochet when I was very young, and I honestly never thought that one day I would be selling my creations worldwide.  My very favorite item in my shop is my Ear Sugar stud earrings.  The earrings are so much fun to make, and I wear a pair every single day.  

The Give Away Swag:

An 8X6 'Wristlet' Bag from ArtsyAnthropology
A good read from Jenni Austria Germany

A pair of Bobby Pins from Bits and Pieces

A par if earrings from Hot Mess Momma/ Ear Candy

Alright - so, be a good blogger!  If you already follow the blog, leave a comment or start following and leave a comment (each blog, or etsy shop follow/favorite will get 1 entry).

If you tweet about this give away and tag me: @artsyanthro - that's 1 entry

The only other way to enter:
*  is to leave a comment about which item you would like to win and why.
* leave a comment about the blogs you follow and your favorite post from them recently, and why.

This is to get to know your fellow bloggers/ crafters/ etsy folks - so have fun, get to know each other and above all - be nice! 

Best of luck, 
"May the odds be ever in your favor"

My March Sponsors!

Hello everyone meet a few of my lovely sponsors!  These lovely ladies are quite awesome... you should go check them out!

     A little about me...ok lets see here...I'm a stay at home mama to 4 littles under age 3 (yep, there IS a set of twins in there).  I happen to REALLY like my husband!  He's probably the greatest guy I've ever met.  I think perhaps God was sleeping on the job when Justin decided I was the woman for him but I will take it!!  We live in the Washington DC area suburbs...about as different as you can get from where I grew up in the middle of the corn fields in Ohio, land of FFA and Carharts.  If you know what those are you are AWESOME and I KNOW we can be good friends! I started blogging for a handful of family lives 8 hours away and it's a fun way for those loved ones to see what our life is like here but also it's a love letter of sorts to my kids.  I want them to know how much I love them and how hard I really am trying as their mama.  Up to this point I've always been one of those people who needs directions for most everything.  I am actually LOVING tapping into a new more creative side to myself!!  THIS IS FUN! 

     Hi, I'm Leigh-Ellen, which is not a name you run into very often.  I blog over at Little Waterlily in a Big Pond. I started blogging to keep our friends and family in the UK up to date on our lives after Husband (who is British) and I moved to the east coast of Canada (where I'm from). It kind of snowballed from there. My world seems to revolve around my husband, golden retriever, cat who keeps us all in line & kitten who keeps us on our toes so you see a lot of them on the blog!  

Hope you love my sponsors as much as I do!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday 3-21

pleated poppy

So... it's Wednesday... and it's raining. That means that minimal effort went into my outfit choice - though given the messy apartment, it did take me a while to find my skinny jeans - which I needed to wear under my rain boots!

1. Seafoam green Northface Shell
2. My RAINBOOTS! (love stomping in puddles)
3. Scarf: Old Navy
Top: Old Navy
Jeans: American Eagle

And there you have it, my terrible outfit...

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday 3/16

life rearranged
Ahh, it's almost my favorite holiday! I love St. Patty's day where everyone gets to wear green all day long - and they get pinched if they don't! It's amazing! Here's what I did in the glorious week leading up to St. Patty's day... also, my favorite color is green... did I mention that, and that I am excited!?

1. New Joann fabric store - amazing! 
2. My loot from this not so amazing store to my wallet...
3. I ran 1.5 miles...
4. Then spent the next 4 days icing and heating...

5. Yummmmmyyyyy... scallops are my favorite
6.Best delicious breakfast, mug muffin
7. Love my rotary cutter
8. Tried using K-Tape for my shin splints, it looks silly but worked a little bit...

9. I rand another mile 2 more days this week - sans pain
10. Sewed a fun new wristlet purse
11. Then used it to all kinds of things, love it...
12. Got my nails did, picked GREEN for St. Patty's day!

So what did you all do this week?  P.s. I will stalk you all!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What am I doing?!

We have all asked it "What am I doing with my life?"... but honestly, what is it that I am doing?! I am in school and I work... but just ready to be done with all of that and move on and finally "start life"... you know?

But really right now what keeps me happy is all of my little projects, which always inevitably turn into big projects! There has to be like 200.00 of fabric in my apartment right now just waiting for me to sew it into something... the issue with that then becomes having all kinds of finished projects lying around waiting for someone to buy it... but I have failed to find a loyal customer base, which other successful shops have.

I guess I just don't get it. I have tried bribery, blogging, bribery, twitter...  I just feel like I'm missing something, but what?!  What am I missing?

Hmm... that's really all I have to say... I have all kinds of projects in my head that I want to get sewing, but honestly, that's just all kinds of work that will result in all kinds of stuff in my apartment that isn't moving - HELP. Haha.

Friday, March 9, 2012

I sewed all week!!!!

life rearranged

Hello Friday!  Well this week has literally been pretty much the same every day!  I cleaned the whole apartment, so that was a change - I can see my dining-room table for the first time since like Thanksgiving (after which it was possessed by my sewing machine).

1. Made a bunch of camera straps
2. Took a sewing break to watch Supernatural (on Netflix yay!)... my feet are chilling in my piles of fabric
3. I moved my sewing machine to my desk, which I moved behind my couch, so I can sew and watch Tv at the same time (I've watched a lot of Supernatural this week)!
4. I got so wrapped up in projects, I forgot my sheets were in the dryer... 

5. I started cutting and sewing without really knowing what I was doing...
6. Then I made some more kindle cases
7. Then some more...
8. On Thursday I made 7 more... it's been crazy!

And that was my week... I did really spend the whole week sewing, which was a great break for me since I had tests last week, and I defend my thesis next week, it was a week off school pretty much 

And now I am off to hang up fliers for my thesis defense, and hit the gym - yeah, I have my police exam in 1 month, so I need to get on it!

Hope you all had a great week! Hopefully next week my pictures will have some diversity!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


pleated poppy

So, today I went out on a limb and mixed boots with shorts... yes, I did it... however, it was not Uggs and Nike running shorts - that combo is unforgivable!

WHOLE OUTFIT: Old Navy haha 

Then I dressed up to go out to dinner...
Vest: Old Navy
Dress: American Eagle
Boots: Bella Bella Boutique

Look how sexy I look in this picture!

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, March 5, 2012

New things!

Oh my goodness! I found a new passion!  I absolutely love making things with ruffles on them, and I also learned how to sew things with zippers this weekend! I am sooo exited about all the cool new things that I made and can make now!

This is a kindle case, but that's only because I didn't have a zipper big enough yet to get to make one for an iPad or laptop! But trust me, tomorrow once I get some longer zippers, I will be unstoppable!

That is all for now... I apologize for the lack of awesome blogginess, but I have been busy expanding my horizons craft-wise, which is my other big huge passion - so I guess that makes it excusable. I am still reading up on my blogs and twitter and you are all amazing!

When I'm not blogging I'm still active!
Twitter stalk me: @artsyanthro
Instagram: @paigeelrod

Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday March 2nd... it's been a month...WHAT?!

Wow, it's been a month since I did an Insta-Friday - that seems like a long time! I am sorry! I forget to take pictures... I'm a terrible person ;)
life rearranged

THIS IS MY WEEK IN A NUTSHELL... Even though I am sure this makes my week look more interesting than it actually was.

Look at me looking all professional at the AAFS conference last week!

CRAB BOIL & an amazing game of Apples-To-Apples!

Crafting mess is made better by my awesome new omelet pan!

New headbands... oh yeah, and studying! Grr... this is why my apartment is a mess

So... I might have bought new boots only hours after blogging I wasn't shopping for a while... oh then decided I wasn't going to shower for a day or so and ended up with this awesome look! (we've all done it).

All of the studying and order filling = my apartment looking like the above pictures!

New shop products (padded camera strap covers) and new nail color (Turks & Caicos) 

 It's been a busy week with school... hopefully next week's posts are a little more entertaining... I am getting back on the band wagon and will make an attempt to stay on top of this!


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