Monday, July 4, 2011

The Latest Furniture Addition

So. Despite popular belief, while fun, spray paint is not without its challenges. For example, I bought this adorable table on Craigslist to use as a TV stand... it was a whopping $30 because I had to pay extra to meet half way. Any-whoo... I thought I might paint it a nice gender neutral gray, so I bought one can of primer and one can of Aluminum matte spray paint...

The one can of primer didn't cover the entire project - which I did not prepare, but in hindsight should have sanded.  But never mind the primer, I was ready with my GRAY paint... so I put my finger on the trigger and low-and-behold it was SILVER. But I loved it, yet... gender neutral flew out the window. But not to worry I was ready to finish it off with my one can of spray paint and put it inside... three coats later it was finished and ready to go.

So. Just so you know:
1. Prepare your project first, a light sanding to get off chipped paint never hurt anybody
2. Check the paint before you buy it (everyone else has)... it will be better than being surprised.
3. 1 can will not be enough... if you don't get 2 cans, you will probably run to Walmart on a Saturday at 1pm, hoping that it doesn't rain on the table you left uncovered on the patio - only to make it home 20 minutes, 2 cans and a quick dry off later.

4. Just go with it. If you don't like it buy another 3 dollar can (or 2...)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Dining Room Make Over

     Over the past few months I have been collecting random chairs, in search for the perfect table so that I could paint them up and finally have a proper dining room. The chairs that I found cost: 7.00, 7.00, 4.95 and 3.95 at the local thrift store. Where I really splurged was the old poker table that I bought for 39.00 from Goodwill. I used wall paint that was left over from the samples I had bought last year when thinking of painting my walls.
I love this chair when I bought it for 7.00, it had a very terrible mustard yellow covering on the seat, and I just threw on some fabric I had in my craft room. 

This is the poker table that I bought from Goodwill for a whole 39.00.

This chair was the other 7.00 chair, this is it with the primer grey on it.

This is my favorite chair again, with the primer grey paint on it.

I loved the leather look of the laminate on top of the poker table, so I decided to leave it and paint the rest of the table white.

It took a few coats... which were then covered in Poly... which turned the white a nice Easter egg yellow... so I then had to throw on three more layers of white - exterior paint, and then not seal it - to make sure it actually stayed white.

And the finished table. The chairs are all finished in a matching brown snake-skin type cotton material. To match the top of the table. 

      I am so excited how this turned out. It goes so cute with the purple dining room - so cute in fact, that I have decided when I move in a few weeks my new dining room will also be painted with this lovely purple color.


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