Saturday, January 26, 2013

Because I am INSANE

Hello Lovelies!

     So I finally checked something of my "25 in 25 list" ... the Design Site is up and running... along with its own Storenvy shop!

    Basically I decided to do all of this at about 4pm Friday... so of course, with the exception of the 4 hours I  spent at work... I have been working from 4pm until 5am (I need to sleep) to get this done... I didn't want to run out of steam.

That being said, please allow me to officially introduce you to:

If you need a new blog look, go check it out - the first post is up... and the first 2 people to comment get 50% off their new blog design!

So go, check it out, be my friend/follower and let me know what you think!

My goal with this new blog is all design related posts - I will do posts on color, texture, design ideas, fonts, etc.

Artsy Anthropology will still be the blog where I share stories, shop info, tutorials, maybe a Vlog in the future - who knows, it's late and I am delusional!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Holy Guacamole!

Sew much has been going on in the studio lately it's crazy! (like how I did that, sew haha- sorry it's late and I'm tired/excited)...

For those of you who have yet to follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook - first of all shame on you, second it means you've missed the crazy amount of photos I've bombed social media with lately.

It's been a busy new year at Artsy Anthropology and I am super excited about it!

Here are some photos to get you caught up... As well as super psyched for the shop update happening today (sometime after I have slept, woken, showered, taken photos and added descriptions... But today!!!)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

High hopes, heavy hearts

Hello lovelies.

I hope you are all enjoying the new year with a sense of vigor that you forgot sometime toward the end of the last one.  Maybe this year is the year that you get your dream job, the year that you fall in love or maybe fall out of love (which is usually for the better, long after the fall) - maybe it's the year your shop gets featured in a magazine or on your favorite blog.  Maybe it will be simpler than that, maybe this is the year that you really find yourself.

My hope is that maybe this year, all of that will happen for all of you out there that want it to.  All I know is that life changes in ways that force you to grow, to change and to become a better version of yourself.

I know that life doesn't always seem like there is a plan that will benefit you.  Trust me, I've been there.  I've had my dreams come true, my heart broken, my dreams shattered, days where I wanted to burn my entire studio to the ground and days where I couldn't be prouder to be a "Small Business Owner"... just know, that no matter what - your best chance of surviving this crazy world, is you.  It's the effort that you put forth that will forge the better you - it's how hard and for how long you are willing to fight to get what you want.

Remember this, you truly can accomplish what it is that you set your mind to accomplishing.  Surround yourself with people that support you in your endeavors, however strange they might be.

Know that even when it feels like you are going to fail - remember that failure can often times simply point you in the direction you were supposed to be going.

And most importantly, remember that sometimes it's okay to cry until your head hurts, your eyes are puffy and your nose is runny - but then, stop, wash your face and remember that something else is coming.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Scarf Sale?!

So I am attempting to clear things out, get myself motivated to release my new line of "Valentine's Scrappies"... which should happen by tomorrow morning if I try hard enough... but, first - I want to share some love with you!  All of the scarves that I have left in my studio will ship for 10.00 today!  Yes... 10.00 ships to US/CA!!!
Sale Ends at Midnight on 1/14
Please include selection/ paypal in comments (or email me if you don't want to leave it)

FIRST COME FIRST SERVE... Sorry Folks ;)  This is everything I have left in the studio!

Have 1 of these, Green with little white Skulls!

Have 1 left Green/Red

Have 2 Pink/Blue
Have 1 Brown/White and Coral/White

Have 1 of these Green/White Flannel            Have 1 Red/White Flannel

Have 1 Orange/Black Flannel               Have 2 Black/White Flannel

Happy Shopping!  Keep an eye out for the shop update - will be done with new things by Wednesday! YAY


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