Saturday, January 26, 2013

Because I am INSANE

Hello Lovelies!

     So I finally checked something of my "25 in 25 list" ... the Design Site is up and running... along with its own Storenvy shop!

    Basically I decided to do all of this at about 4pm Friday... so of course, with the exception of the 4 hours I  spent at work... I have been working from 4pm until 5am (I need to sleep) to get this done... I didn't want to run out of steam.

That being said, please allow me to officially introduce you to:

If you need a new blog look, go check it out - the first post is up... and the first 2 people to comment get 50% off their new blog design!

So go, check it out, be my friend/follower and let me know what you think!

My goal with this new blog is all design related posts - I will do posts on color, texture, design ideas, fonts, etc.

Artsy Anthropology will still be the blog where I share stories, shop info, tutorials, maybe a Vlog in the future - who knows, it's late and I am delusional!


  1. I do so love checking something off a list. I think you have rather big list items. I like to make nice small ones so I get to check more off.
    1. Contemplate blogging
    2. Open blogger
    3. Ponder blog title
    That kind of thing :)



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