Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hello Goodbye

Hello Lovelies!

    Yes, this post is a few days early for the New Year... but we are moving and thus, things are crazy around here... I am currently logged into the internet via some distant neighbor that has 1 free bar of unsecured internet (shhh don't tell)... so this is going to be a quick little hello, since reliability may be an issue.

    I just want to thank you all for your support this year - it's been a great year really starting to blog, web design and really get the shop going in the right direction for me!

    All that being said - wait until you see all of the amazing things I have planned for next year in regards to the shop, blog design, the blog itself - I'm talking ... EPIC... no, wait for it... LEGENDARY!

     So... if you want to be more involved in the happenings around here - please email me with your email address to be added to my new monthly newsletter... it will contain shop updates, exclusive coupons and the like.

    Again thank you all for such a wonderful year, I can't wait to see what 2013 brings!  Be safe, and have an amazing new year!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Look Book

The Holiday Look Book will be posted every Thursday until December 21st.

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Blog Twitter :  Storenvy 
"Hi I'm Sarah from Glitter, I make handmade items, I also do blog design!  Those are my two favorite hobbies, I put a lot of time into my handmade items, and blog design so it turns out perfect for my customers!"

"We think everyone should surround themselves with their favorite words the way you'd surround yourself with close friends. Our number one goal is to provide you with your new favorite quote on your new favorite accessory.  
Whether you create a custom scarf, or see a scarf you're already obsessed with, I hope that at Quotation Marks you can find your favorite holiday purchase!  During the holidays, there is a "Ready to Ship Section" where you can purchase your last minute Christmas gifts!"

"I have a strong love for the natural world which clearly influences my art and how I produce it. For every illustration and organic cotton tote bag sold $1 will be donated to organic farmers in the United States."

"Jac & Elsie is a jewelry shop full of handmade, vintage and upcycled jewelry. Our bestsellers are our adult friendship sets (rock, paper, scissors, anyone?), but we love anything with a vintage vibe. (Cameos rock.)" 

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Shop : Blog : Facebook : Twitter 
 "I learned sewing & crafting from both of my grandmothers when I was young, and that really boosted my love of creating. Petunia Blooms is my place for sharing the pretty things I make! I think it's important to create & choose joy every single day, and I hope my products help share that enjoyment."

Shop : Blog : Twitter
"Bow+Arrow Art is a shop full of quirky, sweet, inspirational cards and art prints. Everything is hand-drawn and digitally colored by myself :) "

   Use Code:  HOLIDAYGUIDE10  For 10% Off All Design Work
Shop : Blog : Facebook : Twitter
"I am a 20-something blogger with a passion for graphic design and more specifically blog design. I love to make someone's personal space on the web something beautiful that they are proud to call their own!"

Shop : Blog : Twitter : Facebook : Pinterest 
"Yellow Elm features fanciful felt accessories like headbands, bobby pins and brooches that are thoughtfully made with love in friendly and fun Greenville, South Carolina. Each piece is hand-constructed using the traditional method of wet felting, ensuring a thorough, natural uniqueness down to the fiber.
Each Yellow Elm piece begins with bright ideas, colorful thoughts and a natural material called wool roving. The process of wet felting dates back thousands of years and transforms the roving into finished felt. The fibers of the roving are torn apart and then arranged in a crisscross pattern. Then, the roving endures a boiling bath and rough scrub, but it’s all for the best—the fibers interlock and begin to dry and shrink. The felt forms, ready to be embellished with decorations like beading and lace."

Use Code: ARTSY15 for 15% Off
Shop : Blog : Twitter : Facebook
"Mama's Nest Designs is a handmade jewelry shop filled with vintage and nature inspired jewelry. My designs are created with new and upcycled elements - I think it's beautiful to use something old or vintage and make it into something new! I offer mostly one of a kind pieces but a popular item is my custom mama bird necklace in both silver and antique gold. They are perfect for a new mom, a grandma, or as a family tree necklace!"

Use Code: melrose1 for 10% Off
Etsy : Blog : Facebook : Twitter 
"My shop is called "Chelsea Cecelia Creations" and I mostly sell jewelry and hair pieces, but also dabble in cross-stitching, and *SOON* digital downloads, as well as paper crafts! I love making all kinds of things so it's hard for me to choose just one!"

Use Code: HOLIDAYGUIDE for 20% Off
"Eloping Designs is a jewelry store that prides itself on unique, affordable handmade jewelry and hair accessories for all women. The owner, Paige, was frustrated with jewelry in stores because it was cheap, would break often and earrings irritated her ears and bracelets didn't fit her wrists and necklaces never laid in just the right spot. So, she started making her own and then decided to sell it from the encouragement of friends. It was a little bit later that her great grandmother told her she also made jewelry in the past and sent her all the supplies she still had left. Now, the jewelry shop is a great way to honor her late great grandmother. All jewelry is able to have the length customized to fit your body and all is tested for durability before being sent to you."

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Shop : Design Portfolio
"I love playing with design elements, and have just opened up a design shop! I love doing blog design work, its just too fun! I love getting to play with colors and being a part of people's lives, what better way then helping to personalize their little corner of the web to fit their personalities?"

Use Code: LOOKBOOK for 15% Off
Blog : Shop : Facebook : Twitter
"Everything in my shop is hand-made, using materials I have collected from various places, sometimes vintage, sometimes combining different materials and mediums... just depends on what "phase" I'm currently going through. I love to sew, it's just so fun to sit down with different pieces of fabric and walk away with a finished product. It's my own little world where I can zone out, pick up some thread and go to work!"

Thursday, December 6, 2012


So... you know those moments when you say "yes, I will have a holiday look book posted for 7 weeks every Thursday, and I will participate in an ornament swap, and I will organize a gift swap, and I will run 2 shops, and do blog design, and go to school 10+ hours a week, and work 10+ hours a week, and work at my internship as much as possible, oh and sign up for a holiday craft fair"... you know what happens when you do that?

Well you basically go crazy... and start walking around in public like the kid above - let's face it, she's adorable and rocking that mustache - I could not pull off that outfit - well, not legally or pleasantly (it's...40 outside)...

Anyway... so I've been crazy busy and slight over-extended... but what you can watch for in the up-coming weeks are:
1. A post about the gift swap
2. A massive (post-craft-fair) shop update
3. My new shop and blog redesign (notice the above banner)
4. An updated look-book by tomorrow *Friday 12/7* with a give-away from 2-4 shops!
5. My head to stop spinning around

That is all for now - I thank you all for sticking around! Happy Thursday!

Oh also, today in lab I helped to remove a brain and spinal cord - so that was awesome! Happy camper this one... happy camper.


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