Thursday, December 6, 2012


So... you know those moments when you say "yes, I will have a holiday look book posted for 7 weeks every Thursday, and I will participate in an ornament swap, and I will organize a gift swap, and I will run 2 shops, and do blog design, and go to school 10+ hours a week, and work 10+ hours a week, and work at my internship as much as possible, oh and sign up for a holiday craft fair"... you know what happens when you do that?

Well you basically go crazy... and start walking around in public like the kid above - let's face it, she's adorable and rocking that mustache - I could not pull off that outfit - well, not legally or pleasantly (it's...40 outside)...

Anyway... so I've been crazy busy and slight over-extended... but what you can watch for in the up-coming weeks are:
1. A post about the gift swap
2. A massive (post-craft-fair) shop update
3. My new shop and blog redesign (notice the above banner)
4. An updated look-book by tomorrow *Friday 12/7* with a give-away from 2-4 shops!
5. My head to stop spinning around

That is all for now - I thank you all for sticking around! Happy Thursday!

Oh also, today in lab I helped to remove a brain and spinal cord - so that was awesome! Happy camper this one... happy camper.

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