Thursday, February 13, 2014

Not A Blogger, Part 2

I started this blog off with a post "Not A Blogger" so it only seems fitting to "end" it with the same.  I only began the blog as a way to promote my shop... I am so humbled beyond belief at what this little living room "shop" has turned into. In the 2 years since I really started to focus on my shop and my brand, I have fallen in love with it.  I feel it in my soul.  I no longer craft from my small desk behind my couch, instead I do so from my "Studio", a 2nd bedroom in the apartment the shop helps to pay for, I no longer have all of my fabric neatly folded in a tiny Walmart bookshelf- but thrown and crammed into a huge 6 foot metal wire shelving unit of chaos.

The men at the leather store know me by name and the two local quilt shops ask me how my subscriptions are doing and if I'd be willing to teach a class on small pouches.

 I wake up one morning and miraculously have 1000+ Instagram followers (which I love, because I am such a visual person, my #1 social media outlet of choice is Instagram).

Suddenly I am no longer the person emailing others for advice, and begging to be included in give-aways, literally throwing money away to advertise, now somehow I am the person on the receiving end of these emails - and it's mind boggling.  I love it, I want to be able to help someone achieve their dreams and realize an absolute passion for what I get to wake up to every morning.  Now I'm the one hosting give-aways for small shops, I'm the one giving advice on Instagram sales - and it's weird, like... the equivalent of waking up the Queen of England weird.

Really I guess, all I have to say is, THANK YOU.  From the bottom most depths of my soul, thank you so much for allowing me to chase my dreams and to so fervently support me in this endeavor.  Each and every one of you are responsible for helping me achieve my dream and I cannot thank you enough.

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