Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Friday Details

Hello Lovelies! 

So for today you can get an Artsy Anthropology Grab Bag (shipping included) for 15.00 US and 17.00 Canada.

Grab bags are surprise 5x7 ruffle bags containing at least: 1 hair accessory (ie: headband, bow, set of bobbies, 4 elastic hair ties), 1 jewelry item (ie: earring, bracelet, stamped jewelry), 1 card designed by me (shop Being Ridiculous on Etsy)!

Each bag will also come with a random discount or gift card :)

These will be listed in the shop tomorrow for 25.00 - so get them now!

How?! Leave your PayPal email (or email it to me, artsyanthropology @gmail) and your favorite/least favorite colors and I'll hook you up! If you want to order multiples that's super! Get 3 for 42.00 or Get 4 for 50.00 ;)

Black Friday: 20% discount will be listed in the shop- but check in on Twitter (@artsyanthro) Instagram (artsyanthro) and Facebook for bigger random discounts through-out the day!!! (I'm talking HUGE people, HUGE).

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