Thursday, January 24, 2013

Holy Guacamole!

Sew much has been going on in the studio lately it's crazy! (like how I did that, sew haha- sorry it's late and I'm tired/excited)...

For those of you who have yet to follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook - first of all shame on you, second it means you've missed the crazy amount of photos I've bombed social media with lately.

It's been a busy new year at Artsy Anthropology and I am super excited about it!

Here are some photos to get you caught up... As well as super psyched for the shop update happening today (sometime after I have slept, woken, showered, taken photos and added descriptions... But today!!!)


  1. I simply MUST know where you got the Messy/Creative print. I need one of those so bad! Haha.

    1. You can download the printables on my design site:



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