Monday, January 14, 2013

Scarf Sale?!

So I am attempting to clear things out, get myself motivated to release my new line of "Valentine's Scrappies"... which should happen by tomorrow morning if I try hard enough... but, first - I want to share some love with you!  All of the scarves that I have left in my studio will ship for 10.00 today!  Yes... 10.00 ships to US/CA!!!
Sale Ends at Midnight on 1/14
Please include selection/ paypal in comments (or email me if you don't want to leave it)

FIRST COME FIRST SERVE... Sorry Folks ;)  This is everything I have left in the studio!

Have 1 of these, Green with little white Skulls!

Have 1 left Green/Red

Have 2 Pink/Blue
Have 1 Brown/White and Coral/White

Have 1 of these Green/White Flannel            Have 1 Red/White Flannel

Have 1 Orange/Black Flannel               Have 2 Black/White Flannel

Happy Shopping!  Keep an eye out for the shop update - will be done with new things by Wednesday! YAY

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