Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday March 2nd... it's been a month...WHAT?!

Wow, it's been a month since I did an Insta-Friday - that seems like a long time! I am sorry! I forget to take pictures... I'm a terrible person ;)
life rearranged

THIS IS MY WEEK IN A NUTSHELL... Even though I am sure this makes my week look more interesting than it actually was.

Look at me looking all professional at the AAFS conference last week!

CRAB BOIL & an amazing game of Apples-To-Apples!

Crafting mess is made better by my awesome new omelet pan!

New headbands... oh yeah, and studying! Grr... this is why my apartment is a mess

So... I might have bought new boots only hours after blogging I wasn't shopping for a while... oh then decided I wasn't going to shower for a day or so and ended up with this awesome look! (we've all done it).

All of the studying and order filling = my apartment looking like the above pictures!

New shop products (padded camera strap covers) and new nail color (Turks & Caicos) 

 It's been a busy week with school... hopefully next week's posts are a little more entertaining... I am getting back on the band wagon and will make an attempt to stay on top of this!


  1. Love the nail color. It's soooo springy! Very pretty! Your pics are funny. They do make you look super busy! :)

  2. So in love that with that nail polish and those boots! Work it girl! And the crab So envious! I love crab! Your cup runneth over!

  3. love that nail polish color!!!



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