Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What am I doing?!

We have all asked it "What am I doing with my life?"... but honestly, what is it that I am doing?! I am in school and I work... but just ready to be done with all of that and move on and finally "start life"... you know?

But really right now what keeps me happy is all of my little projects, which always inevitably turn into big projects! There has to be like 200.00 of fabric in my apartment right now just waiting for me to sew it into something... the issue with that then becomes having all kinds of finished projects lying around waiting for someone to buy it... but I have failed to find a loyal customer base, which other successful shops have.

I guess I just don't get it. I have tried bribery, blogging, bribery, twitter...  I just feel like I'm missing something, but what?!  What am I missing?

Hmm... that's really all I have to say... I have all kinds of projects in my head that I want to get sewing, but honestly, that's just all kinds of work that will result in all kinds of stuff in my apartment that isn't moving - HELP. Haha.

1 comment:

  1. That can be frustrating. Maybe find a local shop that will sell stuff for you? Your things are really beautiful!



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