Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday 3/16

life rearranged
Ahh, it's almost my favorite holiday! I love St. Patty's day where everyone gets to wear green all day long - and they get pinched if they don't! It's amazing! Here's what I did in the glorious week leading up to St. Patty's day... also, my favorite color is green... did I mention that, and that I am excited!?

1. New Joann fabric store - amazing! 
2. My loot from this not so amazing store to my wallet...
3. I ran 1.5 miles...
4. Then spent the next 4 days icing and heating...

5. Yummmmmyyyyy... scallops are my favorite
6.Best delicious breakfast, mug muffin
7. Love my rotary cutter
8. Tried using K-Tape for my shin splints, it looks silly but worked a little bit...

9. I rand another mile 2 more days this week - sans pain
10. Sewed a fun new wristlet purse
11. Then used it to all kinds of things, love it...
12. Got my nails did, picked GREEN for St. Patty's day!

So what did you all do this week?  P.s. I will stalk you all!!!


  1. haha! love your week! Mine was crazy at work, but got some reading done, got a book and CD from my mum and painted my nails in pink :)

  2. Love your new wristlet you made. What does the K tape do? I get shin splints too. :( What app do you use that tells you the calories? My app doesn't tell me that and it drives me crazy? Sorry for all the questions. I love your week in pics!



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