Friday, March 9, 2012

I sewed all week!!!!

life rearranged

Hello Friday!  Well this week has literally been pretty much the same every day!  I cleaned the whole apartment, so that was a change - I can see my dining-room table for the first time since like Thanksgiving (after which it was possessed by my sewing machine).

1. Made a bunch of camera straps
2. Took a sewing break to watch Supernatural (on Netflix yay!)... my feet are chilling in my piles of fabric
3. I moved my sewing machine to my desk, which I moved behind my couch, so I can sew and watch Tv at the same time (I've watched a lot of Supernatural this week)!
4. I got so wrapped up in projects, I forgot my sheets were in the dryer... 

5. I started cutting and sewing without really knowing what I was doing...
6. Then I made some more kindle cases
7. Then some more...
8. On Thursday I made 7 more... it's been crazy!

And that was my week... I did really spend the whole week sewing, which was a great break for me since I had tests last week, and I defend my thesis next week, it was a week off school pretty much 

And now I am off to hang up fliers for my thesis defense, and hit the gym - yeah, I have my police exam in 1 month, so I need to get on it!

Hope you all had a great week! Hopefully next week my pictures will have some diversity!


  1. Visiting via Instafriday! We have the same bed from Ikea!!

  2. Wow I love the camera straps and the Kindle cases! So colourful and pretty!



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