Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Home...

Because for some reason we are all secretly dying to see what everyone else's home looks like... here's a peek into mine!

So... I currently live in a "studio" of sorts... it's the large upstairs rec-room at my dad's house - yes, I am 25 and live at home... that's what getting a Master's Degree in an obscure field will get you...

This is where some of my clothes live... since there is no closest (or notice the curtain, no door - yet)... all my hanging things live in the guest bedroom.


 This is my adorable bedroom side!  I love it... for a lot of reasons, 2 of which are my World Market lamps... the others, the pillow, the comforter... etc.

(Notice, this is where some of my scarves live)

 This is where I watch TV... which I don't do as much of here now, since I re-arranged the studio and am no longer facing the TV... oh the sacrifices we make!

This chair, probably best Craigslist purchase ever, it was $15 and is amazing! 

And... the Studio (inside the studio... yes) 

Magnetic strip, best idea... EVER!

This is where my fabric, and completed projects live... isn't it super fun?!

And that lovelies, is my space! 

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