Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Buzzed Blogging is... Drunk Blogging

Let's be real ... most of us have those moments when it's been awhile since we've had something to drink - in my case, since I work at night and then come home and do things in the studio or go to bed - I just forget to drink... but alas, tonight after class I decided I'd have some pizza and wine... needless to say my 2 small pieces turned into 4 sometime between 1/2 a glass and the whole glass... mind you, I was using a water glass that was full of 1/2 the bottle of wine...

That's pretty much how my Monday went in a nutshell.  I helped a friend study this morning... I cleaned... went to class... have clean sheets and am happily not feeling my toes as I write this un-necessary post about nothing.

But just so you really know how exciting my life is... I am blogging from my bed, while texting my mother about how I need to put the 2nd coat on the cabinets while she is gone tomorrow - thrilling, I know!

Also... you still have time to sign up for the Saturday Challenge - you should!  I'm going to try posting the questions for this week's on Wednesday so that you can link up on Saturday - thoughts?

1 comment:

  1. LOL nothing liked getting tipsy on Monday night to start the week off right!!



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