Sunday, August 5, 2012

One of those...

Let's be honest - we all have those "weeks" (don't really need to spell that one out...)... where everyone in the world is annoying, and anything but sweat pants just sounds like a suit of armor!  Okay so I'd be lying if I said I wasn't having one or two of those days this week! Yesterday work was - AWFUL... but that's okay, I proceeded to come home and eat my weight in chocolate cake - no joke, at Chang's it's so big it's called "The Great Wall of Chocolate" it's like 7 layers and weighs a good 3 pounds, so it's perfect if you're wearing sweat pants.

All of that aside, I am bummed by the whole concept that people will buy a product from only certain shops. I just don't understand that... it's not a loyalty thing is it? I mean, I don't want to sound conceited, because that's not it - but I pride myself on my work, I work hard and I know it's made well... so what is it? Do I just not make products people want? Are my colors bad? Do I smell funny??? That's it, isn't it - you just didn't want to tell me that I smell offensive!

So far I have raised... oh 4.00 for Pencils of Promise charity - not for lack of trying I promise(ehehe promise promise). But really people - I'm donating 10% of my product, which I already under-charge for... and then I've dropped the prices in "sale" mode to sell even more!? You can't say you're not buying stuff in general because of (enter excuse)- I see all the twitter and instagram photos - I KNOW!

So yes, this is a complaining post - because I am hormonal, cranky, exhausted and bummed - deal with it. No, but for serious, I love all you readers out in the blog world and I appreciate your support... hint hint, even you don't want to buy something pass along the word because I would like to do something amazing for Pencils of Promise and I just can't do it alone!

Agh, that being said - I am going to retreat into my little corner of the world, eat some chocolate and sew things...  I will be having another blog/ twitter/ instagram sale tomorrow with several (6+) new key-chain wallets.


  1. We all definitely have those days. Don't doubt yourself! And what you're saying is I should wait til tomorrow to get one of those keychain wallets I've been wanting?

  2. Hi Paige! My shop is brand new (ahem... 12 purchases) so I know exactly how you feel. I literally wrote a blog post the first month called "10 Ways Etsy is Like a Middle School Relationship." It always discourages me when I find shops that have a million sales and seem to have it all figured out. But I think it takes time! I wish you the best of luck, and thanks for helping out my shop with the ad!!



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