Friday, December 30, 2011

Craft Area...

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life rearranged

     So a few weeks ago I mentioned that my craft area needed a re-do... and that it did!  I just got home last night, and couldn't help but make a huge giant mess in my apartment before unpacking from Christmas!

     But anyway - I went to HobbyLobby today and bought a bunch of their "unfinished" wood products, and painted them white - thus I got 3 shelves for $6.00 (total), quite nice considering I already had the white paint... I also bought 2 frames... plus some supplies, and I didn't do too badly in the money department.

My unused desk area - since I've moved into this apartment, I've been using my kitchen table as a study area.

My new re-vamped desk/ craft area, I also swapped out my craft book shelf for my study shelf, so that everything is in one area - no more walking all over the apartment to get supplies.
My mailing center, (color organized) fabric shelf, and organized craft boxes.

     There will be better pictures eventually, but I felt that this summarized what I did this week - even though I only did it today - but 90% of that fabric was added to my collection this week... and this area was researched via pintrest and blogs for a bit... so I'd say that's really what I did this week...

     I mean I also spent my last few days at home before flying back to Baton Rouge... about 2 weeks before school starts to re-stock my shop, promote my shop, hopefully get another Brick & Mortar... and maybe even a job that actually pays me ;)


  1. I'm in Baton Rouge too! May or may not be at LSU soon. It's still up in the air!

  2. Well if you do end up at LSU, best of luck!



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