Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Week in A Nutshell!

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life rearranged

So finals are over and it's officially been Christmas break for a whole week! So I have engaged in Christmas type activities, shopped and traveled home to Reno - where it's SOOO cold, but loving it!

On Monday night a few girls came over and we decorated Christmas cookies - way too fun for how old we are "supposed" to be.. but oh well - I loved it!

I woke up SICK on Sunday, but didn't really feel Sick until Monday - alas it is now Friday and I am just now almost over the "sickness"... which is nice, because now my allergies to my mom's 3 cats can take the place of the "sickness" - awesome!
These are the 4... yes 4, Make Up Brush holders I made as presents... well the Black and Pink one is mine - the rest are being gifted - who can blame me for keeping one for myself? I needed it for my new fancy brushes from Bare Minerals - which explains the next picture...

I swear I was just going to the mall to return some things - but all in all, I only spent like 70$ (not including what I spent a few weeks ago on the returned items) - but who counts that? I got all kinds of warm fuzzies to wear at home and a new makeup kit from Bare Essentials - pretty nice!

So this is apparently how COMPLETELY empty the Reno airport is at 8 pm on a Friday night. I found it quite amusing, having just rushed through Dallas Fort Worth where you can barely crash through the crowd at a rapid pace only to arrive sweaty, hot and exhausted at your destined gate to board you flight.

This looker is Louie - don't tell him, but he's kind of a Ham... if he even senses a camera he's there with a pose - he's like Zoolander, except he has more than 1 look and is most definitely not an "ambi-turner"

So that's my "Week in A Nut Shell" - please remember to go stalk other people over at Life Rearranged...

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