Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oh My Goodness

First off, Hello to all of my lovely new followers!  Also, remember I need you all to email me your addresses so I can send you the free swag you get just for following me!  (email: artsyanthropology {at} gmail {dot} com)

Now... the shop was closed just because I am at home and couldn't mail things... but I am going to open it up again to allow browsing - please feel free to use my COUPON from Rouge&Whimsy.  Also all orders will ship on Dec 29th.

Okay... I know I am home and away from my crafting, but I have found an amazing fabric store here, and much to my mother's annoyance set up shop in my bedroom - which means a mess, which means more cleaning before the family comes - but it's totally worth it.

I found this adorable plaid, and also finally found the stretch lace I have been longing for - my craft store only has white in the like 2 inch variety, which I am also excited about. Anyway - this is a peak at some of the new stuff that will be going up throughout the week and well into the new year! Yay.

Also, totally random, but if you could be any fictional character who would you be? 
I would be Buffy Summers, or Faith (I like her attitude a little more than Buffy's whole doomsday thing)... also, I would want Angel to be my man - so I guess ultimately Buffy.

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