Friday, December 23, 2011


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life rearranged

Wow, Friday is here again, so soon! That's a shame, it's been a pretty fantastic week and it's just flying by!  Anywhoo, my week hasn't been photographed well, but I did my best!

I went to my favorite Sushi place back home, Hiroba... twice this week. But that's okay with me! 

I also finished up my Christmas shopping, then treated myself to some adorable headphones and a manicure - a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

It's getting cloudy outside which I can only hope means that it's going to snow. I am pretty bummed about the lack of snow - definitely wanted to hit up the mountain while I was home but that's okay... instead I'm staying down in the valley and bundling because it's cold!

I also found this amazing fabric store here, Mill Ends... it's a giant warehouse where fabric goes to die, and I am in love! I have since turned my bedroom into a new craft area and my mother isn't pleased. But alas, family is coming tomorrow so I had to clean it all up...

Later tonight I am hoping to see a movie, I'm excited, we will see. 
WE BOUGHT A ZOO! How cute does it look?!

I have also gone out for dinner, coffee and drinks with friends from high school - doing some quality catching up. It's been a pretty good week. 

Merry Christmas:

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  1. hi there! I found your blog today via Caroline's. I go to LSU, too!!! I am getting my Masters in Social Work. Nice to know someone in the blogosphere from the area. Have a great break!




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