Thursday, December 1, 2011

Scratch & Save - DYI

I ran across this tutorial by Dana over at Wonder Forest and just had to do it, literally not even 24 hours passed before my little fingers were thumbing though my scrapbook stash for a light colored card-stock. I then spent a ridiculous amount of time designing the scratch off base card.

Then I gathered my required packing tape, paint (metallic teal) and dish soap... following Dana's directions I was able to make these adorable little cards - which I will include in the gift for each new blog follower - it's a quite nice game, I will try to refrain from scratching them all myself.

Print off your desired cards, in this case 3.5X2 inch cards that I printed onto thick cardstock

Cover the portion that contains the coupon code with a piece of the packing tape. Then take your paint, mixed 2 parts paint to 1 point soap and paint it all over the tape. This will most likely take multiple layers.

Are these just too cute?! Did I mention fun? I won't scratch them all off, I won't scratch them all off... 

Thank you so much to Dana for this amazing tutorial. Go check out her original here:

1 comment:

  1. i made scratch tickets for prizes at my sons upcoming bday party at the end of sept.. thanks for this tutorial



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