Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Happenings

So, Friday was crazy organizing my new craft area - then today in an effort to find a side table, I of course found a cute little dresser that I am refinishing (same color pallet as the entertainment center)... I plan on covering the back in bead-board so it can function in my living room as a side table and back into my craft area for more storage.

But also this week was my first order, I couldn't be more excited... I spent my New Years Eve in style, in paint splattered sweats, with take out Thai, watched old movies and some Buffy (yeah, I'm that cool)... and then I alternated between refinishing the dresser (pictures soon) and adding new things to my shop...

My current kick is the fabric headband, I love these things, I wear them all the time - so I thought to myself "self, why don't you try to make these, because they are awesome and you really need more than the 2 you have"... so I made some, and they are up on my BigCartel... so you should check them out.

As far as resolutions go - I have resolved to be happy. Whether or not I will have any resolutions will be a decision that I make later, but if I do - they will be weekly or monthly resolutions - the same idea as a checklist - it's more satisfying to check them off the list if you can see it being done... so more little resolutions means more gratification in the long run.

Have a wonderful New Year, and I hope that you will continue to support me in this wonderful adventure that is ArtsyAnthropology.

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