Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Dresser... Redo

So yesterday while debating on a 100.00 side table (that I can't afford) from World Market... I found a dresser at the thrift store down the street - thinking I could use this in my new craft area and use my printer stand (a side table) as an actual side table in the living area... a whopping 2 feet from where it currently was.

So yes, I bought a new piece of furniture to redo.. which is problematic, since I will have to try to move it... or part with it when I move in May (fingers crossed everything fits, it makes me sad when I spend time working on things that I can't keep).

This is what the dresser looked like in the thrift store - and it was filled with spiders, and it was gross... but for 24.95, it had too much potential to turn down.

So after using the paint I already had from redoing the entertainment center, and purchasing... wait for it 10.00 in spray paint for the handles and as primer... I finished the dresser tonight - and the whole project was a whopping 35.00, I'd say that's not too shabby.

Hopefully when I move I can use both this cute little dresser and my current entertainment center in my bedroom, which is awesome - because they match and I am sooo excited to hopefully add another smaller dresser like this one and use both as side tables next to the bed - I am a big fan of statement pieces.

Remember, there is always potential in a shabby, grimy piece of furniture that is hiding at the hole-in-the-wall thrift store down the street. 

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