Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January Blog Give-Away

Hey all - so last month new followers got presents... which are packaged up and going in the mail today! Yay!!!!

SO... I figured it was only fair to continue the tradition of bribery...

All new blog followers this month will be entered into a giveaway pool and I will draw 5 lucky winners out of a hat (literally) to receive free swag (up to 20.00) from ArtsyAnthropology.

Now, that being said... watch out this year... all kinds of new things in the works... including my January resolutions...

I had mentioned that I was doing "Mini-Resolutions" so I can check things off my list... so this month I have 2 things to add to my list, which is going to get even more awesome

*By not repeat outfit, I must say that jeans, shoes and basic accessories do not count... but I definitely have clothing in my room that I cannot remember the last time I wore it, hence this brilliant resolution.
** I can only eat at home, food that I have cooked for the entire month - I can go eat out, but only if I go out with friends. 


  1. great ideas! can't wait to get my goodies :). i shared this post on fb

  2. I'm down with a little bribery! New follower here thanks to the hollie rogue! :)

  3. I did 30 days without fast food and pizza too and it was SO hard. I ended up giving in on pizza, but stayed strong on everything else! I work in fast food with an amazing discount, but I had to say no. It was absolutely nuts!

  4. Awesome girl!!! I will send people over :)

  5. Haha, bribery is always good isn't it?! Thank you for all your comments - they always make me smile.



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