Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Blog Follower Prize Winners...

As promised, I added the name of all new followers in January (who stuck around the entire month- yes I did go through and cross off people who "unfollowed")... I put the names on a list, and printed them then cut them out... we are getting HIGH TECH.

Those strips of paper were then folded, placed in a large votive or small vase - still not sure about that - the "container" was then shaken until 5 pieces of paper had fallen out - thus my 5 winners!

The winners of some Artsy swag (which I will mail out once they contact me via email)....

Courtney @ My Family Puzzle
Jenni Austria Germany
Sand and Starfish

---Any winner I have not heard from by Saturday Feb. 4th at 12:00pm Central Time will go back in the vase, it will be re-shaken and a new winner will be drawn.

*I will not be contacting you to tell you that you won, see this is part of the following my blog :) - if you want to read it, you will be reading it... but if you just followed to win a prize, you might miss out on more prizes!


  1. Yes!!! I'll hop on over and email you :) so so so excited!!! I needed to wake up to this this morning :)



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