Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday 2/3 - The Day The Music Died

Hello, and welcome to my little corner of the cyber world. Hope you enjoy the boring week that I had... it's been crazy busy with school and work! 
life rearranged
First to explain my week, this is my car clock... that's AM... lately I have been getting home or crawling into bed around this time every morning! Yay for working.

OH MY GOODNESS! This is for a fun new project I hope to have finished in the next week or so, I will post more about it later... but sneak peak, I'm revamping an old duvet cover to redo my bedroom for the spring :)

So sometimes in Louisiana it rains really really really hard for a few hours and tends to flood things... this usually only happens when I have a car full of groceries. You can't tell but I'm standing in 2 inches of water - this right here is why I didn't post on What I Wore Wednesday - because I literally had to peel of my outfit once inside.

Follower winners for the month of January - don't worry Feb. has all kinds of fun new things in store!

HIGHLIGHT of my week! These are sooo cute! I got them to wear to work because my uniform has a red top... but I loved them so much I just bought a few more pairs in sea foam and peacock! OH MY GOD!

Yeah, so I got lots of compliments on my duvet last week, thanks I love it too!!! ... I apologize for this, but I am not a messy person... so you now realize what my week has been like... the pile to the left is about 4 loads of clean clothing... the grey blob on top of my duvet consists of the new clean sheets I haven't had time to put on (the sheets on my bed are clean too... the new ones smelled like packaging and had to be washed)... the pile by the window is a second comforter that I usually keep at the bottom of the bed - it's a complete disaster! But soon it will be clean and pretty and redecorated for spring!


  1. This rain has been awful! I worked in drive through all week and got soaked! I'm redoing my room this spring as well, and also trying for a new duvet cover, but I'm the worst sewer on the planet so it might just not work at all. :/

  2. Cant wait for February giveaways!! :)

  3. stopped by from life rearranged! i'm going to add a compliment on that duvet cover :-)

  4. Hahah your bedroom totally looks like mine at the moment! I should possibly stop reading blogs and start tidying up!



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