Monday, February 13, 2012

February Sponsors!!!

Okay so here are some of my lovely February sponsors! These are some amazingly great ladies!  So please feel free to go and stalk them - keep up with us for a large group give away that I am planning on hosting later this month!!!!

Who are you? Hi! I'm Maddie over @ Thriftary, of course!

What is my biggest fear? Sadly enough, my biggest fear is balloons. Most people think I am crazy or kidding, but I'm not. NO I can't remember a traumatizing experience as a child. NO I am not a lunatic... I just can't STAND the fact that you never know if/when they are going to pop. If I am even in the same general area as a balloon, I get all antsy an then I hyperventilate and cry. Ask my husband. I am not proud, that's just the honest answer :)

How do you spend a rainy day? Currently, I would spend it finishing the Hunger Games series... So freakin' good. Normally though, I would get some coffee with sugar free vanilla cream, catch up on some blog lovin' and then maybe watch an entire marathon of 30 Rock (this is one of those "care free" rainy nights, not the ones where you still have stuff to do so your curse the rain).

What is your favorite Starbucks Drink? EASY! I get a grande coffee with sugar free cinnamon dolce sweetener. Add a dash of cream and BAM! So good.

Why do you blog, etsy, cartel, etc? I got into bloggin because I wanted to share my life with my family and friends that I wasn't living around at the time. Little did I know there was a whole WORLD out there in blogland waiting for me. I started meeting people, becoming obsessed with other blogs, and REALLY falling for the world of design. SO... now my blog is an outlet for me as a web/graphic design enthusiast trying to teach myself enough for it to become my full time profession! I still get to meet amazing people along the way.

Random Thoughts?
My current obsessions are learning to sew garments, my new day-planner (I'm in love), Green Journals from Italy, the new Ingrid Michaelson album, and Skype. I know I'm a little behind the times with Skype, but I just realized it is the cure for my "I hate talking on the phone"  syndrome. Genius!

Nicole @ The Lovely Poppy:

Who are you? Your shop name, blog name etc. The Lovely Poppy

What is your biggest fear? Dirty houses (just kidding, but it is a huge fear of mine) I'd probably saving loved ones dying or losing touch with a close friend

How do you spend a rainy day? Crafting in the studio or cuddled up on the couch

What's your favorite starbucks drink? salted caramel hot chocolate.. mmmm

Why do you blog, etsy, big cartel, etc? i love meeting other handmade business owners and creating something that makes someone feel good about themselves

Erika @ Rouge & Whimsy

 Who are you?
I'm Erika-- a twenty-something, handmade, fashion and DIY lover living in Seattle with my husband and crazy pup. I find inspiration in vintage pieces, thrift stores and pretty things and document it all on my little blog Rouge & Whimsy. I also sell handmade and unique accessories for you and your home in my shop Rouge & Whimsy.

What is your biggest fear?
My biggest fear-- pretty heavy question-- but being like Will Smith in the movie I Am Legend-- all alone, seemingly abandoned by God and everyone. I'm also really afraid of monkeys.

How do you spend a rainy day?
I spend a rainy day (which is all my days in Seattle-ha) like any other--work, cooking, hanging out with my husband! But I do love to fall asleep to rain falling on my house's eaves. 

What is your favorite Starbucks drink?
Just give me a plain soy latte or americano. Nothing too schmancy. :)

Why do you blog, etsy, cartel, etc?
I had a private, more family-focused blog in 2009 but after finding some pretty lifestyle and handmade blogs, I decided that I wanted to somehow merge the two. Around the same time I was sewing and making things for friends as presents and decided to try and sell some of my items after my mom introduced me to etsy! (She used to sell aprons on there.)

Random thoughts?
It's been proven by a guac-off, that I make the best guacamole. :)

Hey there pretty ladies.
My name is Erin and I blog over at Living In Yellow.
Paige has asked a couple of questions, and being the obedient person that I am
I figured I should probably answer ;)
1. What is your biggest fear?
My biggest fear is losing the ones nearest to me.
And there being a day when macaroni & cheese doesn't exist.
I shutter thinking about it.
2. How would you spend a rainy day?
I would spend a rainy day like I do most of my other days.
At home. On the couch. With slippers on.
Somewhere around 3 pm I would get bored though.
So then I would make my husband dance with me.
Or take me shopping.
Or anything else that involves getting my butt off the couch.
3. What is your favorite Starbucks drink?
What is Starbucks??
This is easy.
Tall Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte--WITH whip and sprinkles.
4. Why do you blog?
Another easy one.
Because I love it.
And I love awesome people.
Even more so--I love meeting awesome people through blogging.
{I think that means you. As in, get your booty over to my blog so I can meet you} 
What are you waiting for?
Jump on it.

Andrea @ Love is ...

Who are you? Your shop name, blog name etc.  
I'm Andrea, a newly married twenty-something from Minnesota.  I came across blogging while I was planning my September 2011 wedding.  I found it to be a great place to let get inspired & inspire others.  I blog about things I love & things that make me happy & I'd love for you to stop by & say hi! = )

What is your biggest fear?
Job loss... Which I'm experiencing right now.

How do you spend a rainy day? Cuddled up with a good book & a hot drink, with the window open so I can hear the rain!

What's your favorite starbucks drink? Mocha Lite Frap... Pretty sure I have to go get one now!

Why do you blog, etsy, big cartel, etc? I blog because I love being able to connect with people & share my thoughts, ideas & DIY projects. It's such a great platform & I love the blogging community! = )

Other places you can follow me...

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