Sunday, February 26, 2012


So this is one of my favorite projects!  I love magnets, I get one for every trip I go on... because they are fun, and usually open beer bottles ;)  Jk. But really, magnets are a great way to show your personality on your boring white fridge. With this new fabric button craze that is happening, it's easy to find the covers you need to make magnets... all it takes after that is your favorite fabric scraps, hot glue and craft magnets!

* Fabric button kit
* Scissors
* Hot glue gun
* Fabric
* Small craft magnets
** Wire cutters or pliers (to remove button attachment)


Step 1: Remove the little button loops from the backing piece.

Step 2: Cut out the circles of fabric 
(the packaging usually comes with a small template for the circle size you will need)

*To finish the buttons follow the directions on the box, it involves putting your fabric into a plastic bobble and then pushing the back over that with another plastic bobble...

Step 3: Hot glue the magnets to the back of the buttons... then wrap them up all cute and give them away to all your friends... 

OR... keep them on your fridge to hold up that wonderful picture of your dad... because he's that cool. 

Hope you all enjoyed this little tutorial!  Please go and try it!! It's lots of fun and you will never run out of magnets again!


  1. Those are super cute. I might try it. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. No way! These are mega awesome Paige! Can't wait to see more. :)

  3. How cute! They'd make such a good gift. Thanks for the tutorial, I'll definitely be doing this in the near future.



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