Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Sorry, I felt that the post called for repetition, and exclamation points!!! Because I am just that stoked about it! Also I still use the word stoked...
     Okay first off, this post is about a re-vamp of my old "spring" duvet, back when I was going for the whole neutral look for the boy at the time - yeah well needless to say that is not an issue anymore as can be seen with my "winter" duvet... which I love! Yep, that did take FOREVER to cut, organize, lay out, sew... sew... sew!
     Now, this is my old duvet - boring right? But for 35.00 from overstock for a King, can't beat it... but you can dye it! And dye it I did... 3 times actually because the first was way too light grey, the second wasn't dark enough and I stopped when try 3 took me from grey to purple. 

     But alas, the recipe for Charcoal Grey should be 1 cup salt, washer of hot water, 1 tablespoon of royal blue RIT liquid dye and 1 tablespoon of black for every 2 lbs of fabric.

     I also bought some white lace to dye and sew over the blue outlines on the duvet... how cute is that lace pattern? Tell you what for 27.00 it had better be cute! (Note, please add tan to this, or it will be way too bright yellow).

     Now once everything is dry, ironed and ready to go... sewing time - which was sooo frustrating when I got up onto the top row, because the whole duvet was crammed up into my sewing machine - not conducive to sanity...
Now... after much patience it is time to put it, wait for it, wait for it... all together on your bed! 

Then you add pillows and a West Elm duvet [that you snagged for, FREE due to a gift card perk thing from Apartmentfinder] (for the other comforter you keep at the foot of your bed, because you are ridiculous like that)...

Hope you enjoy my new covers as much as I do!!!


  1. oh my gosh, it looks so good! i'm so impressed.

    1. Awe thanks! I am pretty excited about it... especially when I put off homework tonight to finish it... so now I am finishing the work then off to sleep!

  2. I am SO impressed that you dyed the comforter... dye is something i have yet to try out. I'm a bit nervous about it..

  3. Love the lace. Great idea. My bedroom is the same color scheme - yellow & gray. I'm obsessed with that color combo at the moment. We have green accents here, but I think your choice of purple is much better.... now if I can convince my husband....

  4. So cute! My new room is going to be yellow and grey. It's just a matter of moving out and making it happen!



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