Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I want to meet you!

So, I haven't been around for a while - and honestly I am slightly down-trodden... but that's a story for a different post...

This post is going to be short... I just wanted to shout-out to all my followers... I realized last night that I share with you, sometimes, and I never get to hear about you!  So leave me a comment telling me about yourself, or asking me something you wanna know about me - these will be addressed in a follow-up post sometime in the next few days.

So share about yourself, ask about me... what ever you want to do!

Also, doing a give away over at Little Water Lilly - check it out.

Shop is 35% off with code: july35.


  1. Hi Paige - My field is Biology - and I work in a research lab at a med school....I admire anyone in grad school, because after I graduated undergrad I swore I would never go back to school again.

    the scrappy bag and bow tie clutch arrived yesterday and they are adorable. I love them, they make me happy when I look at them. The scrappy bag is going to become my new change/drivers license/debit card/keys/phone bag.

    I hope your down-troddenness reverses soon.

  2. hello there!My name is Erika...I'm 26..I'm a wife and a mommy.I blog too,over at Shine On. Here is more about me: Have a great week!

  3. Why hello there! My name is Nicole and I am a boring accountant who likes to craft! I don't have a blog- but sure love following yours! :) And just LOOOOVE your shop! Everyone should go shop there! Can't wait for your next post!



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