Friday, July 27, 2012

Giant Give Away!

Everyone loves a Give-Away... and this one is a nice big giant one!

2 Months of Medium Ad Space from Kelly @ The Houtz House Party

This Necklace from Jac&Elise 

Custom Embroidery from Kara @ The Snuggly Duckling
(Not actual embroidery you will win, but example of Kara's work!)

1 Month of Medium Ad Space from Leigh-Ellen @ Little Water Lily in A Big Pond

1 Month of Medium Ad Space from Beth @ Through the Eyes of the Mrs

1 Month of Medium Ad Space from Kristin @ Tales from the Nook

1 Month of Large Ad Space from Me @ Artsy Anthropology

1 Key Chain Wallet from Artsy Anthropology (Your Choice)


  1. arty anthropology! but they are all awesome in their own way:)

  2. New follower found you on sunny with a chance of speinkles



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