Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blogger Bra Drive

Thank you so very much, Paige, for allowing me to stop by your blog to talk to your readers about a great cause that I have taken up this month!


I am currently involved in a project through fellow blogger and in-real-life friend Tiffany from Mrs. Pate Writes She is having a Blogger Bra Drive and I am leading an effort to help "support" this cause!  At the beginning of the month, I wrote a post on my own blog asking for your help in collecting gently used bras to support an awesome organization called Free The Girls.  They use the bras as an income opportunity for girls/women who have been rescued out of the sex trafficking industry.


I know Tiffany has said many times that we, as bloggers, have an opportunity to use our blogs as a platform as a way to be impactful - to make a difference in our communities and beyond.  That is one of the reasons I believe in helping her in this cause.

You may be wondering how you can possibly help me out.

It is so very simple.  All you have to do is go to your lingerie drawer and pull out your bras that you no longer fit into or just plain no longer wear anymore.  Then you contact me:

thefontenotfourblog {at} gmail {dot} com

I would love it if you could be a part of this effort alongside myself and Tiffany.  Just contact me at the above email address and tell me you'd love to help out and ask me where you can ship your unmentionables!  Then you throw them in the mail and I will take care of the rest!  If you have one or two, that's great.  If you have ten, that's awesome!!  Whatever you have, please send them!  You can also help by spreading the word.  But please do it quickly.  I have to ship these off by July 31st!

I have pulled over on the side of the street at night to collect a paper bag full of bras from my friend's husband {the bras were hers, he was just the delivery guy}.  Oh how I prayed on the rest of my drive home that night that no law enforcement people or nosy neighbors witnessed this moonlight exchange of goods.  I'm sure someone could have easily mistaken that transaction for something it wasn't!  I have also collected from one of my daughter's home nurses.  And I have also collected from right here in this blogging community!  Yes, that's right.  Fellow bloggers have paid attention to this call for help and many are responding.  I received this box from a fellow blogger!!  She wasn't the only one from the blogging community to respond.

I am so grateful for the response to this call to help make a difference in some girls life.  I've collected a bunch of bras, yes, but I would LOVE to collect many many more than what I currently have!  I need YOUR help.  I need to ship all of them off to Free The Girls by the 31st, so time is of the essence!

Please consider helping out this cause!

Thank you so much!!

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  1. What a great idea. Wonder how much it'll cost to ship bras across the stupid border. We really ought to brow beat our postal services on both sides of the border into submission!



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