Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th!

Hehe, couldn't resist putting this baby first!

life rearranged

It's that time of the week again!  My week in Instagrams - I can't complain, it's been a nice week!

Dinner with the mamma after craft show, and new product!!

The booth set up (day 2)... and the little caterpillar trying to eat my pumpkin plant - what's that all about!?

Beer, dessert and a chick flick *yes*... also bought all 4 Twilight Movies!

The mud room before, and after! Finally got my **** together!

Laundry day, and mail day! Lovely Artsy products mailed to their new forever homes.

Huge, giant shop update (40+ things)... and the smallest grilled cheese ever, how cute is that?

Shop has all kinds of things in it now... and I found a gluten free chocolate doughnut - didn't even wait till I got home to eat it

Saw the Magic... (it was okay, the talking not so nice, the boys nice)... and got my nails did, all pink and sparkly like.

Working on new shops... oh and do you see who tweeted me back? Yea, I love her!

Okay, so I have a post planned every day for the next 3 or 4 at least - good things are coming - hope you're excited!

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  1. Linked over from Life Rearranged. I even peeked at your shop. Would love one of the i-pad cases. Would you be able to create a custom one for me? Maybe in a chevron fabric?



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