Monday, June 18, 2012

Terrarium Tutorial

Who doesn't love a good Terrarium Tutorial?  I have seen these little gems all over the place, blogs, Pinterest, my mind... so I finally decided to jump on the band-wagon, and I'm going to help you do it too!

You need little pebbles or glass rocks (Lowe's, Joann, etc)
Decorative sand (mine was tan)
Glass Container (anything with an opening big enough to work with is good)
Succulents (mix and match your sizes/colors)
Succulent potting soil

Layer your little rocks and sand at the bottom for a few layers, do what ever you want to make it "pretty"... but make sure you have an inch or 2 of this dry base to allow water to drain into it and not drown your plants.

After a few layers, you can add a layer of potting soil if you want to change it up - entirely up to you.

You then put about 1-2 inches of the potting soil down, and take your plants out of their little containers, shake of excess dirt, loosen the roots and arrange them in the potting soil.

Add some more potting soil on top to secure things. I also added another layer of the sand to make it look like a desert. 

Then, love what you have created!

These little things are so simple, and how cute is my pink cactus?! I mean, really (they also had red and yellow).

Oops, it didn't all fit - so I went ahead and put my left over bitty plant into a candle votive with sand at the bottom to soak up water... sand at the top to make the desert - and I have a mini-pot of succulents!

I would love to see what you all go out and make - the whole thing is like a 15.00 project, and it's so cute and pretty - if you buy your supplies in bulk these would make for fun little gifts, party center pieces, plant pets, what ever!


  1. This is so cute. I really need to get my butt to the store and try to make a terrarium since they are so easy to put together and they look very pretty.

  2. Just discovered your blog through Clare's guest post! This is such a cute idea. I have a black thumb, but succulents are supposed to be hearty, right?!?!



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