Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June Sponsor Highlight (Pt.1)

Today I would like you all to meet 2 of my June sponsors, Leigh-Ellen from Little Water Lilly, Big Pond & Clare from C Squared W.

So first to explain myself, I asked my June sponsors some random, silly things this month and to include a photo of themselves that wasn't the standard "I look pretty in this picture" sponsor pic - because I feel you get to know someone best when they are joking about themselves... that being said lets meet these two lovelies!

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Who are you? Gosh, "who are you?", what a highly existential question! Well first off I'm someone who really likes to over think things AND misspelled existential (twice).  Gotta love spell check!  I'm a wife, friend, fur parent, blogger living on the East Coast of Canada.  I don't really cook.  I don't really make things but I'm still fun to know... just perhaps not useful.  

Why do you blog/ what do you blog about? "Why do I blog?" sheesh, more deep questions from Paige this month! I honestly started the blog to extend the pool of people to inflict photos of my travels and my pets on.  From there it's grown into quite a fun place to rant and write about my life, pet peeves, etc.

3 greatest fears (weird ones, not serious, like Balloons, Popsicles, etc).
1. I'm afraid of squirrels.  Seriously though, they are angry, territorial little things with sharp claws and a lot of germs. 
2. I'm still a little afraid of getting a piece of clothing or my foot or something caught at the bottom of escalators.  That's obviously a hold over from childhood.
3. I'm quite obsessive about making sure my skirt isn't caught in my tights or underwear or whatever.  I was at a wedding recently and was able to rescue a girl from leaving the bathroom with her skirt caught in so obviously it's not an unfounded fear.   

Favorite dessert? I love dessert.  I love so many desserts.  My two favourites (Canadian spelling) are Chocolate cake with boiled icing and Lemon Meringue (another word I can't spell) Pie but they have to be made by my Mum.  Other people make them wrong

Best way to spend your free time? Right now it would be napping with my well behaved kitties cause I'm tired! 

Last book you read? Sadly "Making the Grade:  A Guide to Study and Success" cause I'm reviewing textbooks for work.  I have a couple lined up on the kindle though

Random thought or favorite quote: 
"Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much."
- Oscar Wilde

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Who are you? I'm Clare from C Squared W.  

Why do you blog/ what do you blog about? I blog to document my adventures living in the Caribbean with my husband.  I write about island life, travel, and anything else that makes me smile.

3 greatest fears (weird ones, not serious, like Balloons, Popsicles, etc): 
1. Line dancing
2. Walking over drain grates (Oh gosh, I'm with her on this, also subway grates)
3. Mayonnaise.

Favorite dessert: Crème brûlée or anything with chocolate and peanut butter.

Best way to spend your free time: Reading. 

Last book you read: Blue Nights by Joan Didion. 

Random thought or favorite quote: You're never fully dressed without a smile. 

Aren't these two fun?! Want to learn more about Clare?  Come back tomorrow for her guest post about her crazy island life! Are you as excited about it as I am?!


  1. Haha, this is awesome, Paige! Thanks so much for featuring me :) I'm excited about my guest post tomorrow, too!!!

  2. Oh I hate grates too! I didn't put that in mine because I consider it a REAL fear!

  3. So yeah, I just found your name is Paige too...and I also just put up a sponsor post. Haha. So weird! Nice to meet you!



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