Sunday, June 10, 2012

Guest Post, The Lovely Kelly - Houtz House Party

Here's the guest post (like the title says), from the Lovely, AMAZING, Wonderful Kelly over at the Houtz House Party - this woman is amazing, a new blogger she's busted onto the internet with wild force!

Hey guys!  

My name is Kelly and I blog over at The Houtz House Party.  

I sometimes try crafty things and here is one that actually turned out!  You see unlike Paige here, I’m not exactly NATURALLY talented.  I am what you would call “cultivating” my knack for craftiness…

I’m super happy to share my creation with you today: An EASY (and I REALLY mean easy) t-shirt bracelet!  

This bracelet is loosely based on the necklace/scarf tutorial found here.

What you need:

An old t-shirt
Fabric scissors
Fabric glue
A thread of a broken necklace (hello RECYCLE!) or you can buy a thread at the craft store (totally OPTIONAL)

What you do:

First cut a soft t-shirt across into one inch strips. 

Cut a 1x3 inch rectangle from the shoulder area of the t-shirt.

Gather 2-4 together and group into 3 sections. 

Braid the 3 sections together until it is about 1 ½ feet long(ish). If you have a jewelry chain you will include this in one of the strands in the braid.

Make a circle with the braid and wrap the rectangle around the ends.  Secure with glue and let dry overnight.

Wrap it around your wrist twice and enjoy your new arm candy!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for having me on your blog today Paige!!!  Love ya girl!

(See I told you she was awesome and amazing!)


  1. That IS cute and easy! I can't wait until I have an old t-shirt to cute up! :) Thanks for sharing Kelly! AND nice to meet you Paige. New fan -- love your blog name. ;-) xo, Reannah



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