Monday, October 15, 2012

'Tis The Season

This holiday season I want to focus on small shop owners who can't afford to be highlighed on a Holiday Guide that costs 100000.00! For serious people, that's crazy.

Anyway. If you would like to have your shop featured in my holiday guide please let me know by October 31st. From then until Christmas I will run the same post, featuring all interested shops every Thursday (the shops will be rotated at random). These posts will include information about your shop, photos of your products, coupon codes if you provide them... also, I would love to do weekly give-aways from the shops participating.

So if in-lieu of a fee you'd be willing (don't have to) to donate an item to partake in one the 7 Thursdays in November-December leading up to Christmas - that would be fantastic.

I am pretty excited, since I will be doing a give away. Are you ready? A Stocking-Bundle... in November I'll be introducing these to my shop. For 40.00 you will get a handmade stocking stuffed with Artsy "Stocking Stuffers" - I'm excited...

Anyway, let me know if you're interested in being a part of the look-book! E-mail me with your contact information and I'll send out emails of what I need from y'all. {artsyanthropology@gmail}

It's that time of year, are you all ready for the crazy holiday shopping? I AM NOT!

Don't have a shop? Or have a shop and want to swap gifts with a blogger friend? Look no further!

The Holiday Gift Swap is what you want! If you want to swap a gift, or multiple gifts with other bloggers you can! This is the perfect thing to do if you have a shop and want to trade your items with other shop owners to give as gifts, or for bloggers to swap presents with each other! 

If you want to participate let me know - this will happen the 2nd-3rd weeks in November. I will have more details closer to then. 

Until then, please send me an email if you want to participate. In this email indicate if you want to swap with one person, or multiple people... and if you'd be willing to ship to Canada or US (and which country you are in).


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