Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The New and Improved Studio Space!!!

A few weeks ago I posted about how my "studio" was a total disaster. It was bad, awful, horrible. It was so messy I literally lost 2 projects I was working on and was forced to clean so I could get this order out soon!  (Leigh-Ellen, I mean you!)

Apparently all it took was an awesome friend, some P.F. Chang's and an awesome friend... Also, I just couldn't wait any longer to wait to find this project!

So it took a few hours, some cursing, and lots and lots of patience, but WE did it! And here's what it looks like now... I promise, it still looks like this and it's been 5 days, which is amazing.

I just had to share this with you! I hope you all enjoyed this little insight into my personal space! Soon I hope to be moving into a house where my studio isn't located in a mud-room, but rather a whole room for me! With shelves and dressers and a sewing desk, cutting table and place to do my blog design... but now I'm just being silly and dreaming a bit.


  1. That looks RAD!!! Good job girl! Is that a table on top of the dresser? If so that's freaking brilliant. Bravo!

    1. It is most definitely a table on top of my dresser... with a printer that fits perfectly underneath... works in progress in the empty cubby and fluffy fabrics and notions on top!

  2. OMG! That color coded fabric is to DIE for!!! Hehe! Excited for your new place!

  3. lovelovelove my kindle case i got from you!!! any diaper bags in the immediate future? i desperately need a new one and i would love one with your flair and creativity



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