Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Questions for the Saturday Challenge 3/16

What you might ask is happening, it's not Saturday why are you posting this?!  Just keep reading - I will try to answer your questions.  This week I am trying something new, and giving y'all the prompt a few days early to allow you to finish it by Saturday so that I can hopefully get more of you involved.

Welcome to the "Saturday Challenge", the purpose is to get you to do something for someone else, for yourself and for the bloggers you've come to know along your journey.

Every week the the challenge will begin with "Today I Challenge You To..." or "This Week I Challenge You To..."

Paste the Code below into your post to link back to the challenge for the post you write Saturday.
Today I Challenge You To...

1. Say something nice about 2 different people that you've met through blogging, shop ownership, social media, etc.

2. Do something nice for a complete stranger.

3. Do something nice for someone you know.

4. Say something good about yourself.

5. What are you thankful for this week? (Doesn't have to be big or profound)

6. Treat yourself to something - a bubble bath, a coffee without distractions, something - just take time out for you.  What did you do for yourself?

7. What was the highlight of your week?  Share it with us!

Challenge Accepted...
Okay - so here's the deal.  If you've accepted the challenge.  You will come back on Saturday (goes live at 12am on Saturday) and you will submit your post through the inLinkz button at the bottom of the post on Saturday - which will aptly be titled:

Challenge Accepted, 3/16

Can't wait to see you all back then!

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