Thursday, March 14, 2013

All kinds of things are happening!

Wowza peeps, that's all I've got to say about that!  

So, things are happening - first, apparently Google & Blogger are going all wonky - which I don't get since they are such a useful platform... that being said - I do have a Bloglovin' account and you're welcome to follow me there.

Also I am currently working on an adorable wholesale order to send to the lovely ladies over at Gracie B.  You should check it out, follow them on twitter, do something!

Oh also. Want to go win things?

How about a "Hard to Handle" Clutch from Andrea over at Love Is?

Or perhaps this Yellow Chevron Whitney Bag designed for Chelsea over at 

How about a Scrappy Bag from Mandy at This Girl's Life?
*adding 12 new bag designs this weekend*

Good Luck!  


  1. I've entered two of the giveaways already - and about to enter the 3rd. Thanks for the amazing offers. :)



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