Friday, September 7, 2012

September Give Away

1 Month of Large Ad Space 

Custom Embroidery from Etsy Shop

Feature Spot Ad Space

$10 Starbuck's Gift Card

2 Months of Medium Ad Space 

$10 Gift Card to Moody Sisters

Tinted Lip Balm
Tote Bag (of Choice) - 1 Month Large Ad Space - Shop/Facebook/Blog Banner

Any one who becomes a Facebook Fan ( can use the coupon code IMAFAN10 for 10% off their entire purchase!

Feel free to sign up for our monthly coupon email here:

Want to earn FREE goodies? Invite your friends to shop at our Etsy Store for a 24 hour party! Your friends get 15% off ANY purchase and YOU earn FREE product for each order that comes in. Email us at to reserve your party date!


  1. Probably Moody Sisters is a blog I can relate to

  2. I have entered in a whole bunch of ways! I have long been a fan of Little Waterlily Big Pond so I guess I'd say I identify with her.


  3. Are we talking websites or bloggers...cause I love Maria ;)

  4. I think i'm like christi lynn and Kara!

  5. thanks for the giveaway! I have one going on over at my blog too if you would like to enter! click here to enter :)

  6. Kelly- and Kara, after reading her bio. :)

  7. Eek! How did I miss actually entering this myself. I wanted that free tote bag! :)



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