Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Craft Swap

Okay, the first craft swap I did got 5 total people plus myself... which is fine, because I think we all got amazing partners.  I am hoping to do another one soon - are you excited? I am! HAPPY MAIL DAY!

Hello Ladies!  Thank you all for participating in the craft swap - hope you had fun... I know I did!

So my partner was Christi Lynn over at http://www.lovechristilynn.com/, she also has an awesome Etsy Shop!

This is my sexy "I love, love, love this awesome headband/ear warmer" face - not only because it's green, but also because it's got a giant bow! SOOOO ME! Can't even tell you! (also, this picture only good because of the awesome headband, otherwise I'd look like a giant goober)

Also, these are adorable earrings - I didn't not include a photo of me wearing them because I didn't like them, but because the really pretty colors weren't showing up when the light hit them in my ears (mind you, it's night and it's fluorescent light)... but also, feathers, totally one of my fashion crushes!

It was definitely a happy mail day for me, especially when my dad came in with the mail and said "you got a package that looks like the ones you mail out for all your crafty stuff, is it more supplies"... NO DAD, it's a package of awesomeness!


  1. Hey girl! I am so so so glad you liked what I sent you. I love what you sent me as well. Life has been so crazy so I completely spaced posting about what you sent me...but just so you know I use everything all the time. I gave the bow to my little niece and she LOVES it. She wears it almost everyday (she's 2). And then I use the zipper case for my glasses and contacts when I travel. and I've worn everything else. I really appreciate what you sent me. You are so crafty and talented!



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