Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hello lovelies!  So I've been personally MIA for a while, I know I've been blogging, but not about anything about myself - it's all been sponsor posts, link ups etc.

That being said - I am up, at 12:45 blogging despite crawling into bed almost 2 hours ago in an attempt to sleep! Don't you hate it when that happens? I worked a longer shift than usual today, came home worked on orders and new shop goodies, then I studied... and now I am still up.
{this is my week in a nut-shell} It's been super fun, caffeinated and full of highlighting!

Maybe it's because every time I close my eyes, I get all worried about school, and proceed to recite the amino acids to myself hoping I can remember all 20 of their names - after which I need to remember their chemical structures, then it's the enzymes and which amino acids they cut apart in proteins - it's way too complicated for my brain to figure out.

Now that I've sufficiently put you all to sleep... hehe. Stay posted there will be new things in the shop in a few weeks... I am (hopefully) doing a big product launch (of things already in the shop) in some fun new fabrics in about 2 weeks - granted, very soft deadline based on amount of studying I need to do... for now, shop is all on sale!

Also, at the end of the week check back for an awesome give away with a bunch of other bloggers and a blog design give away from me! Craziness, since I only have 4 in the works right now, might as well add to it!

Welcome all you new followers, hopefully you stick around after the give-away you entered is over, things get fun, crazy, wonky around here sometimes. Hopefully I'll have some awesome guest posts up soon, as well as some scrumptious recipes form yours truly.

Don't forget about the new weekend link up I'm doing called "The Saturday Challenge" -every week you can do something good for yourself, your fellow bloggers and a complete stranger!

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