Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Monday

Happy Monday Lovelies!

I  just wanted to stop in - say hello, and not bombard y'all with shop photos... that's right - this is a non-shop photo blog post!?  WHAT?!

That's why it's so short... because all I've been doing other than working is shop stuff... and school - I am working on nursing school applications (which is harder than getting into Grad school - it's a tad bit ridiculous)... I'm also working on my Real Estate license (since that's mom's gig and we can work together, yikes) just in case I don't get into nursing right away and need a job that pays a bit more than waiting tables... since, let's face it - I'll be 26 in November... and CAN NOT be living with my dad - it's Harshing My Mellow - jk, I have no mellow, no life... just work, school and the shop!

Oh... The shop... GUESS WHAT?!  Officially a Business folks!  That's right, Artsy Anthropology has paid a bunch of money to pay taxes - isn't it awesome how that works?  But I get some nifty pieces of paper that talk about how I am a business and can now pay taxes to the IRS with my new tax ID. Good Times!

So. That's my life in a nut-shell at the moment.  Also... battling with the whole "Etsy vs. Storenvy" debate - since sales have decreased in the switch to Storenvy... I am currently now listing at both to see the difference when both are up and running.

Okay? I think that's it.  Tell me about how your life has been lately!

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