Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Little Waterlilly in a Big Pond - Guest Post!!!

Hey all, today I am doing a guest-post swap - you should definitely check it out!

Hello Artsy Anthropology Readers! My name is Leigh-Ellen and I blog over at Little Waterlily in a Big Pond. I'm so excited that Paige is turning over her little piece of the internet to me today. I love to travel and the title of my blog references that in some ways my life is divided between two sides of the big pond that is the Atlantic Ocean.

I spent a year living in the Austrian Alps a few years back (ok, more years than I'd like to admit) and have visited a couple of times since.  It's breath taking all year round and I particularly love the combination of old traditions and modern society... and the baked goods!

The little town of Mittersill that I lived above
Krimmel Waterfall in Summer
Krimmel Waterfall in Winter
Austrian Couple celebrating the return of the cows from the Alpine Pastures (it's a big parade and festival)
Goods at the Christmas Market in Salzburg
Hallstat- Can you imagine living with that view from your house??
Zell am See
All of these places were day trips from where I lived.  We were pretty spoiled.  We'd actually discuss which time of year we liked the mountains best (Spring and Fall when there was still alot of green but a good amount of snow on the peaks).  As a Canadian I'm used to measuring snow in depth not in altitude.

One of my favourite foods in Austria was Kaiserschmarrn (translated as Kaiser's Mess).  It's basically like scrambled pancake that you top with powdered sugar and have with apple sauce or lingongberry (like little cranberries but slightly sweeter) sauce.  It often has raisins (the Austrians and Germans do love those raisins) but I hate those so I leave them out! The best part is that it's considered a main course! At least it was where I lived! Totally the best for a Breakfast for Supper kind of mood. I don't have photos (was generally busy eating it) but feel free to google it... there are tons of recipes out there but they seem to make it more complicated than it needs to be.


6 Eggs
200 g pastry flour
50 g sugar (though really to taste)
250 ml milk
pinch of salt
raisins to taste (or skip those cause they're yucky)
powdered sugar

Separate the egg white from the yolks. Mix the yolks, sugar, milk and flour. Whisk the egg whites and add pinch of salt (You can totally throw it all in together and still make it work out pretty well but that's the way you're SUPPOSED to do it). Once egg whites are stiff fold in the egg yolk mixture. Melt butter in large frying pan, pour in the mixture.  Sprinkle in those raisins if you really must.  Cook like you would a pancake but once you've flipped it tear it into pieces Sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve with whatever you want.

Thanks for letting me visit with you today!!

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