Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hello, goodbye

So, while this might be my last night in Baton Rouge, it's bitter sweet. I cannot wait to leave this place, with its humidity and large mosquitoes, and cockroaches (eww)... ohhh, but the food is quite yummy.

But I have been here for 2 years and made a few really great friends that I will miss, might even consider coming back to visit them sometime - that's how cool they are!

Anywhooo.... so my mom got here today, love her - but the moving might just kill me, haha. There's the whole "oh, you're not as packed as you should be", "well you can't just expect to do this in a few days"... but remember now, I spent the last 2 weeks preparing for that BOMB of a craft fair (more on that in a later post)... and then spent all weekend there, only had 2 days to pack up everything - I think I did pretty good considering.

Alas, the sofa, entertainment center and craft studio spaces are all packed away and loaded in the truck... tomorrow the bedroom and kitchen - and DONE! See, I don't think it will be that bad - oh well... that's just my opinion, but we can definitely wake up at 8, and be done in a few hours no biggie.

I might be blogging from the road, I might not - totally just depends... but I will definitely be posting to Instagram and Twitter (@artsyanthro)...

Peace out homies (sry, it's that kinda night).

Also, because you're wondering... I am moving from Baton Rouge to Reno, Nv... because I have finished my masters degree and am now looking for work - during this time I will be living in my dad's guest room (yikes, I always said I would never live with my parents, but when they stop paying rent, few options exist).

We are planning on stopping in: Shreveport, La - Wichita Falls, Tx - Santa Fe, Nm (For a day or 2) - Las Vegas, Nv and then RENO.

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